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Date: 06/08/2015

By: PDO & RDO Recruitment

Subject: PDO & RDO recruitment

PDO & RDO Recruitment online from 9/8/2015

Date: 04/07/2015




Date: 23/06/2015

By: xyz

Subject: Key Answer

High school teachers exam key answers

Date: 31/03/2020

By: raju

Subject: Re: Key Answer

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Date: 17/06/2015

By: leela

Subject: kas result

Kas prelims result announced

Date: 21/04/2015

By: KAS Aspirant

Subject: KAS Key answer 2015 April 19

1. Food for work- 77 community development-52 TRYSEM-79 IRDP- 80

2. Ship building is there in both Cochin and Mumbai don't know which they will consider but i would vote for Cochin

3. Diesel pricing all the above

4. SL highest per capita
     India- 1570 Pak- 1275 SL- 2004 Bang- 957

5. India joined WTO in 95

6. Jnanapith- Nemade

7. Arab Spring- Tunisia

8. Mahila Bank- b Pak and Tanzania have done before India

9. Solar project- Gujarat

10. PMJDY- c life insurance for 30k

11. Alcohol - Kerala followed by Maharashtra and Punjab

12. Fields Medal- Maryam Mirakhani

13. ILIA- Google

14. Boko- Nigeria

15. Yeonpyeong- North and South Korea

16. Euro- Latvia

17. Railway Innovation- Kayakalp

18. Kanhar Dam- UP

19. Airtel-Vodafone-Idea-BSNL

21. Asias power option b

22. Karnataka most number of tigers

23. Social forestry National Commission for Agriculture

24. Referendum- UK

25. Water storage- Dholavira

27. Sangam- Marudam

28. Excluding Rajputs

30. Firuz Shah

31. Tarikh-i-Firuz Shahi written by Barani

32. Satavahanas- Nigama Sabha

33. Humayun- Kalinjar and Chunar the other two were fought by Akbar

34. Gagan Mahal- Adil Shahi

35. Vijayanagara- Rajyas

36. Sovereign socialist secular democratic republic

37. PM cannot dismiss COM

38. IAS option A. Option D wrong because Parliament has passed All India Civil Services Act

39. Elections- option D

40. NCW- everything except 4th statement

41. Basic structure only 2

42. Emergency- natural calamity

43. Writs- except quo warranto

44. Except ordinary bill

45. Socio economic objectives DPSP

46. Federalism- except statement 4

47. Non justiciable- statement 3

48. Mysore- 21 gun salute

49. Salt auction- Deshpande

50. Tax distribution- Finance commission

51. Mappila- peasant

52. No tax campaign- except Karwar it was held everywhere so i would opt Ankola as it was started first here

54. Charter Act- end trading monopolies

55. Lahore session- purna swaraj

56. Balkan plan- Mountbatten

57. Arid- Deflation Volcano- Batholith limestone-polje weathering- exfoliation

61. Arctic- Indian- Atlantic- Pacific

62. Mars- 1&3.. The satellites names given are wrong and mercury smallest planet

63. Five lakes- option b 1. Michigan

66. Cyclones- Hudhud and Nilofar

68. Hemis National park- J&K others can be matched accordingly

73. Lowest rainfall- Challakere

74. Kalasa- Banduri Mandovi

75. Kalaburgi- 10951 Tumkur- 10597 Belgaum- 13415 Bijapur- 10491

76. Cauvery- KRS Malaprabha- Navilateertha

78. Cheerapunjee- winds getting locked in Khasi hills

79. Indo pak bus- Lahore to Delhi

81. Namma Mane- ISHUP

86. NDP- net earnings from abroad negative

87. Birth rate- per 1000 population

88. Income disparities- progressive tax

91. Licencing- alcohol, cigarette, hazardous chemicals, explosives, defence

93. BRICS- Brazil

95. Diesel pricing- Kirti Parikh

96. BIMSTEC- Nepal and Bhutan

97. Trade negotiations Uruguay

98. EPCG- 20014-19

Date: 09/04/2015

By: PDO Notification?????

Subject: PDO Notification?????

Where is the RDPR Notification Kenchakkanavar Sir??????

Date: 10/02/2015


Subject: K-SET

2015 K-SET result Declared....

Date: 10/02/2015

By: kumar singe

Subject: technical and nontechnical posts kpsc

any idea about hostel warden of murarji desai hostel warden post
what may be percentage of warden post in 371(j)?

Date: 31/01/2015

By: Shilpa

Subject: Grade 1 jobs

Any idea of grade 1 posts notification declaration?

Date: 29/01/2015

By: Anand Kenchakkanavar

Subject: PDO Notification


PDO - 352 posts scale (20,000-36,300)

Rural development secr... 600 (14,500-26,700)


Date: 27/01/2015


Subject: PDO Notification

Shortly in Feb -2015....Best of Luck to all aspirants.....

Date: 23/01/2015

By: Ashok

Subject: PDO

Any Idea when will the PDO notification declared..:?

Date: 27/01/2015

By: 1234

Subject: Re: PDO

shortly 300+ posts of PDO

Date: 27/01/2015


Subject: Re: PDO

Shortly KEA is going to conduct PDO Exams, Mostly Notification will be in Feb-2015....
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